Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the practice of identifying the vulnerabilities and threats associated with digital systems and mitigating these risks. The term “cyber” refers to a nickname for an internet-connected computer or any other device that uses a processor, input/output and networking connections. The common threats include: viruses, worms, trojans and malware. A related term is cyber warfare which is the use of cyber tools in warfare to achieve objectives that would not be possible by using physical means such as bombs or missiles. The role of cyber security professionals is to protect critical systems and information. The main goal of cyber security is to prevent hackers from gaining access to information or using nefarious actions that would put the users’ information at risk.cyber security important because the government, military, law enforcement, and private industry use many critical resources that could be negatively affected by cyber attacks. Many of these systems are financial, such as banks, credit cards, ATMs, stock markets and networks. Government agencies use software to manage the US budget system and the military uses software to track troop movement. Because of these vital uses, cyber attacks could cripple important services or even destroy the country’s financial security.In order for companies to operate securely in today’s technological world they need to implement cyber security protections. These protections include firewall protection, anti-virus programs, encryption codes that keep hackers from easily accessing sensitive data and data backup systems in case any security breach occurs that causes damage to systems or information.

A major concern to cyber security is providing more efficient support to better protect against cyber related activities. This means an organization must have the information available to help identify possible threats including understanding what possible methods hackers may use to gain access, and how the organization can prepare for any potential attacks.
Cyber security is a constantly growing area of study and research. Some of the most recent research being done is focused on cyber security in cyber space. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze if a previous study found in 2012 correctly identified computers within an organization as well as their movement throughout the network. There are two main findings that are sought out which were: 1) how computers move across networks (e.g. LAN, WAN, etc.), and 2) how computers might behave in a network. The assumption is that computers within an organization move between locations (e.g., building or branch offices) and they may change their location(s). Also, the behavior of a computer can be tracked as observed (e.g., its IP address changes from one to another, or its Whois information changes from one domain name service provider to another).

Cyber security offers a variety of career paths depending on the level of experience you have and your area of expertise. You can be an analyst/engineer, network administrator, programmer, or data analyst and many more other positions available depending on your area of interest and experience. Some jobs a required while others are possible as long as it relates to your field in the security field such as computer science or finance. If you’re looking for a career that will pay well, then cyber security is the right choice for you because it’s relatively new and will only continue to grow.

“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.”