Indian army

The Indian Army does not need any introduction, we all have love, respect and appreciation for our soldiers and the Indian Army.As we all know that the Indian Army has a long and glorious history, therefore, it is difficult to talk about everything in such a confined space.The Indian Army is a land-based unit, while the Indian Air Force works in air defense and the Indian Navy is a naval unit.Our Indian Army is the second largest army in the world with about 1.23 million personnel on active rolls and another 9.6 lakh in reserves.The Indian Army is primarily responsible for defending the country against land-based attacks.It also helps other agencies to deal with terrorism, to deal with emergency situations in the country and to save people in case of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc.The current Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is General Bipin Rawat (as of 2018). As the Indian Army is very large, it is divided into regiments.
Some important regiments are Punjab Regiment, Madras Regiment, Rajputana Rifles, Sikh Regiment etc.It also has its own intelligence unit, abbreviated as “military intelligence” or “MI”.The Indian Army (under British rule) participated in World War I and II before independence. After independence, it has fought several full-fledged wars like Kargil War (1999), Bangladesh Liberation War (1971), India-Pakistan War (1965), Indo-China War (1962) and First Kashmir War (1947).
Apart from these, the Indian Army has also handled some minor conflicts like Siachen struggle (1984), Operation Polo (1948), Indo-China conflict (1967) etc.
There is no doubt that our Indian Army is one of the best armies in the world.

The main role of the Indian Army is to protect our country from external and internal threats, it has proved its subtly many times.It has fought five major wars since independence and has successfully handled many smaller conflicts and won wars even when enemies had better weapons.For example, in 1965 there were Patton tanks (gifted to them by the US) in Pakistan, it was considered invincible at the time.India had nothing that could compete with those Patton tanks, but the Indian Army was able to defeat the Pakistani tanks in the Battle of Asal North.
Hawaldar Abdul Hameed mounted his jeep and destroyed six Pakistani tanks with a rifle in the back and was killed in an attempt to destroy the seventh.
For this he was awarded India’s highest military honor – Paramveer Chakra. It is believed that the Americans came to India to learn the methods and equipment by which their invincible Patton tanks were destroyed.It is believed that India rejected his request.The Indian Army also successfully handled many riots, for example the Godhra riots, 1992 Mumbai riots, 1984 riots etc.It is also currently dealing with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and some North Eastern state currently has around 1.23 million people on active rolls, while others have 9.6 lakh rupees.It has also produced many notable sports persons, who have brought it to our country. Some of them are Milkha Singh, Rajyavardhan Rathore, Vijay Kumar, and Major Dhyanchand etc.The Indian Army is one of the best armies in the world. It has the capability to handle any external and internal threat. Overall, we can say that the Indian Army is the soul of our country.

“There will be no withdrawal
without written orders and
these orders shall never be

-Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw as core Commander in 1962.