When bots start creating content, how will the role of human writers evolve/become obsolete?

As the technology is upgrading and artificial intelligence is making things much easier, there’s a chance of bots creating content in the future too. Artificial intelligence nowadays only assists and makes small changes but it may be possible that in future it creates the full content and doesn’t require human intervention. So, there are two aspects of this predicted as the AI is evolving. First, those kinds of writing include fact and data-based writing and secondly writing with a creative angle.


Without any doubt, fact and data-based writing are being taken by the bots in upcoming years or at least maximum work is done by the artificial intelligence like the sports update based article or the smartphone comparing article. These only include a basic change in data and the bots can easily make it ready to read. Types of niches that can be affected in near future are

  1. Sports
  2. Email sequence
  3. Annual reports
  4. Product Comparison
  5. Review

As all of these are written with data-based articles and can be easily fed and written by the bots this doesn’t require an emotional quotient to write. Product comparison of some gadgets is only required to edit its specifications. While there are also contents that require human intervention and are unable by bots to write content with that emotion.


Creative writing is the area that requires deep thinking and emotion which can be delivered while writing and it’s very hard for bots to deliver such emotionally engaging content. This area always needs human intervention to increase readability. If the content is dramatic and needs to be unique, it needs imagination and bots are not built according to it, they are just a set of instructions and can be performed efficiently.