Widening Gender Gap

Gender gap reflects the differences between women and men as per social, political, economical , cultural etc parameters in the society.

Recently it has been in news as the Global Gender report 2022 was released. According to report, India ranked 135 among 146 countries in global gender gap index and is worst performer in health and survival sub index where it ranked 146. While earlier in 2021 India ranked 140 among 156 countries. Global Gender gap report was first published by the World Economic Forum in 2006. It is an index to measure the gender equality. The 4 key dimensions or sub indices are as follows:

  • Economic participation and opportunity
  • Educational attainment
  • Health and survival
  • Political empowerment

India ranks 146 in health and survival, 143 in economic participation and opportunity, 107 in educational attainment and 48th in political empowerment.

According to the report :

India’s score of 0.629 was it’s seventh highest score in last 16 years.

India has recovered since 2021 in economic participation and opportunity

The labour force participation has decreased for both men (by -9.5 percentage points) and women (-3 percentage points).

The gender parity score for estimated earned income improved but the decline was more for men.

India has recorded a declining score on political empowerment due to the diminishing share of years women have served as head of state for the past 50 years.