Melting of Glaciers – A topic which should not be avoided.

Glaciers are persistent chunks of dense ice that are constantly moving under their own weight. Glaciers are formed where snow accumulation exceeds its erosion over the years, and often centuries.

Rising global temperatures have undoubtedly been the cause of glacier melting throughout history. Due to the rate at which climate change is occurring today, it can become extinct at record rates.

Some of the other reasons:
Carbon dioxide gases Emissions: Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced by human activities such as industry, transportation, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels warm the earth and melt glaciers. Glacier savings can be achieved if CO2 emissions can be reduced by 45% over the next decade before reaching zero by 2050.
Ocean warming: The ocean absorbs 90% of the earth’s heat. This fact mainly affects the melting of sea glaciers near the poles and on the coast of Alaska (USA) and other heavy snow covered areas.

The main consequences of melting glaciers are:
Sea Level Rising- Sea level is rising and covers most of the continental region. This means that which means within years most of the areas can be a complete flooded regions.
Less freshwater – No glaciers also mean less water for population consumption, less hydropower capacity, and less water available for irrigation.
Climate change-The balance between cyclone and anticyclone structure and meteorological patterns is deteriorating.
Food Chain Imbalances-The habitats of some marine and terrestrial species are changing and they may harms to them in maintaining their natural circulation and habitat.

Temperature imbalances, extensive processes of deforestation, and rainfall can be other reasons for global warming that lead to glacier melting.
Glaciologists believe that despite the massive ice loss, there is still time to save the glacier from the predicted disappearance. It can done through to curb climate change and save glaciers from getting extinct. Scientists believe that controlling climate change can prevent glaciers from melting and disappearing.

“The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases; one of its diseases is called man.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche