A warrior who can not be forgotten Hav. Gajender Singh Bisht.

Havaldar Gajender Singh Bisht was an NSG commando who was martyred in the 2008 Mumbai attack. His bravery received the Ashoka Chakra Award from the President of India on January 26, 2009, on the Anniversary of the Republic of India.
He was born on 1 July,1972 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

He persued his education from the Janata Inter College in Naya Gaon.As a student he used to participate in every event organised in the school, sports or cultural activities. But he had a particular interest in boxing. Havaldar Gajendra Singh joined Garhwal Rifles in 1991 and later decided to become part of the 10 Para (Special Forces). Havaldar Gajendra also actively participated in Operation Kargil in 1999. Havaldar Gajendra was a trained commander of the Indian Army Special Forces, but he was commissioned to serve the National Security Guard’s Elite Special Action Group.
Gajendra Singh Bisht was a member of the 51st Special Action Group of the National Guard. He was part of a team of NSG Command rushed to the roof of Nariman’s house to neutralize an terrorist inside the building who had at least six hostages.

According to NSG Secretary Jyoti Krishna Dutt, Bisht led one of the teams entering the building. The team was hit by a violent terrorist attack and returned to fire while trying to contain the situation. Terrorists also threw some grenades at Commando. At this point,Bisht had the opportunity to retire with his team. But he realized they needed to seize this opportunity and went forward with thier mission.Instead of turning his back on the militants, he made the way to other troops instead, despite the grenades being thrown. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the process, but moved forward and was eventually injured. This allowed his team to secure a dominant position in the encounter. On the night of November 27, 2008, Havildar Gajender Singh Bisht led his army in an operation to rescue hostages from terrorists at the Nariman House in Mumbai. While securing the Nariman House during Operation Black Tornado, Bisht got fatally injured at Jewish center attack and died.