Gaming as a career option in India

Gaming is not seen just as a hobby or a timepass but can be considered as a great career option and is becoming a part of skill development, social interactions via joining specific gaming communities etc.

India has witnessed a strong growth in the gaming sector in the past few years. Even before the lockdown time of 2019, several gamers from India have come up and have been recognized even worldwide. Also, the pandemic gave people a boost as many people started playing during the pandemic just for timepass and streaming on online streaming platforms like YouTube , Twitch etc.

The gaming fanbase in India got a boost after the launch of most popular mobile game PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) which is a mobile version of the paid game available on Steam(a platform to buy, play, create and discuss about PC Games). The game being released in 2017, had received a huge amount of fanbase and there were millions of players playing the game even in the initial stages of the game launch.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay (Source- Google Images)

During the pandemic time, several gamers started streaming the game on YouTube and got popular while grinding the game and showcasing their skills. This was seen as a sudden evolution of the mobile gaming industry in India. With internet and mobile devices being easily accessible, several people started playing the game. All these mobile and PC gaming come under the category of “E-Sports”. Several Internationally recognized E-Sports companies analyzed the potential of the Indian players and started investing upon them, making their teams and even spending lakhs and crores upon them by providing them the best things such as their own offices, high end devices and accessories for better competitive gaming.

Today, we have several Indian players who’re participating into multiple E-sports events and representing our country while doing so. Online PC multiplayer games like Valorant, Counter Strike, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends etc. are the most popular competitive games around the web.


Also, colleges and schools also conduct these events in their fest where students from different colleges(or schools) come to participate and the winner receives a good amount of cash prize.

The entire scenario regarding Gaming has been changed over the past few years. Parents are also supportive as they themselves are seeing the rapid growth of the gaming industry and are realizing that it can be considered as a great career option. Also, International tournaments offer great prizes including cash, Goodies, accessories etc. With the rise in technology, several upgrades are being made in the devices used for gaming(Laptops, PC’s, Mobiles). Companies manufacturing these devices are adding major upgrades each year for the user to perform smooth gaming. Also, if you go online or to the offline market for buying a device dedicated especially for gaming, there are a variety of options to explore. Tech giants like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer etc. are developing gaming laptops day by day and one can even get a good gaming beast at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, gaming has risen to become one of the most lucrative industries in the world, not only generating a great billion dollar revenue but also giving career and job opportunities to people all around the world. If we dive deep into the gaming field, then there is a vast variety of options to explore in this field as a career. Some of them are:

  1. Player
  2. Game Designer
  3. Game Developer
  4. Sound Designer and Audio Engineer
  5. Commentor and Anchor

Therefore, the final conclusion is if you’re someone who is passionate about gaming and if you are considering it as a career option then you can absolutely go with it. There are certain gaming communities all over the world on Discord App( An app that has certain communities, covering all the domains). Beginners can use it to connect with other gamers and build a gaming squad for playing. Also, one can apply for different E-sports club and with suitable research, they can get a great funding from investors. All you need to start with is a gaming device and a good internet connection for stable FPS(Frames Per Second) and ping rendering for seamless gaming experience.