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Imagine your parents are tucking you to bed and, then when you are lying on the bed next to your pillow lays a book. A book that always takes you into another world. A world of friends, enemies, etc that teaches you something new every single day. This book is something that will always stay with you no matter what. There is no age limit and you will always cherish everything that the book has to give you. This book has amazing and interesting stories inside and stories about itself. You must all be wondering which book I am talking about here is. Let me give you a surprising fact even before I start. Though we often call it a book, it is not a book. Rather it is a medium or format of books. Yes, today my article is going to be all about comic books.

The specialty of Comic Books

As children, most of our books had pictures in them, right? However, we often grow out of these books but never seem to grow out of comic books.  This made me wonder what is so special about comic books that never seem to die out. One of the main specialties of comic books is that it does not have a narrator and dialogues of the characters in colleen rather we see it in a dialogue box which makes us think that these characters are speaking their dialogues and therefore brings about a sense of bonding and connection which often we find missing in other mediums or format books. Comic books are more humane which means there are some tiny visible flaws in the drawing or the color of the dresses worn by the characters and so on. This makes it flawless while communicating with the readers. Another important thing that came into my observation is that each comic book has a set of characters. These main characters and side characters do not change but the story keeps changing. Sometimes in comic books, even the villain or the enemy is the same. This becomes a means of showing just another day for the characters making them as similar to us as they can.

You must all be wondering why I said that comic books have interesting stories inside and stories about themselves. The reason for this is very simple. Comic books tend to have a combination of the real world and the imaginary world, which is the main factor for us to stick with it for years together. The reason I say that comic books have stories about themselves as well is that the journey of you selecting a comic book will be nothing less than a story. There is always something that makes you choose or buy that comic book instead of others. You can call it a tingle or an instinct or anything you wish. Sometimes comic books are passed on from person to person. This could be friends, cousins, or even neighbors and when you ask them how they got the book or how many times they have read it becomes a means of sharing a personal story.

One of the most fascinating things for me is how comic books never get old. If you are wondering, that comic books came into existence very recently then you are wrong. Comic books are present for many years now. They have been evolving and changing with the human population and have been gaining prominence among the younger generation. The reason the younger generation connects to these comic books more than adults is that their imagination level is on a higher level than adults are. The other thing that catches my attention about comic books is that they have stories that have morals that we see in any storybook. The reason storybooks do not stick around after a certain age but comic books do is because comic books bring about these morals very subtly. The stories in comic books do not revolve around just one moral rather it has several small morals throughout the story, which makes it less visible yet impactful on the readers.

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Comic books are not just the narration of a story rather it is realistically being able to tell a story that brings out the readers’ thoughts, perspectives, feelings, and emotions which helps them to relate to characters and the story. This automatically results in imbibing the lessons or morals that one needs to inculcate in life. The best part is that comic books are not just about morals but they also have a large amount of presentation of wittiness, smartness, intelligence, courage, etc which has a positive impact on the readers. I believe that the child in us never dies. This is the reason even when we are old comic books still catch our attention. The reason the characters in comic books are mostly children, animals is because children tend to relate to people of their age and this helps children connect to comic books more often.

Another reason comic books have a good hold on children is that they show characters who have superpowers sometimes which brings about a belief in children that they are not alone and everybody is special in their way. If children feel alone, friendless, shy, etc comic books often play an important role in making them feel love, care, value, and importance of their existence with just the characters. Comic books help children to have confidence, trust, and a belief that they too will do well in life and bring about some change in the world and the community that they live in. Comic books are not just for fun and fantasy reading it brings about reading habit in children, improve their understanding skills, gain knowledge, and plays a very important role in bringing about improvement in their language skills and verbal skills as well.

An important thing that we often forget about comic books is that comic books medium is not just limited to children but also adolescents and preteens as well. We all are well aware about Archie right? Well, Archie is a comic books character. The journey of Archie’s is from comic books itself. Today comic books are massively into life through movies and series. The great iron man that everyone loves is from the Marvel comic book series. Every superhero character came into existence through comic books. This shows the impact comic book plays in every individual’s life no matter what.

I thought I would bring out some comic book characters for our readers. However, there are so many characters in so many different regions, languages, etc that it would not be fair to name just a few. So if you are reading this article make sure to go back, take out of your old comic books, and cherish each story and character of it.

To conclude, we must realize every story, every format, and medium of storytelling be it a short story, novel, classics, or any other thing needs to stay alive so that the tradition of reading books stays alive and children grow and develop with their books and knowledge.


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